Embroidery Kits

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Is it easy for a beginner?

All of our kits are suitable for a beginner. The designs are printed on the fabric, instructions are included, and the stitches are easy to learn. They are informal designs, so a few imperfect stitches won’t be so easy to spot!

Although there are many, many different surface embroidery stitches, African Folklore Embroidery kits and Rowandean kits use only simple stitches – usually chain stitch, satin stitch, straight stitch, stem stitch, and French knots.

About surface and crewel embroidery

Crewel embroidery usually refers to embroidery with wool thread. Surface embroidery can use the same kinds of stitches as crewel embroidery, using any type of thread – cotton floss, pearl cotton (which is thicker and glossy), silk, or wool.

Crewel and surface embroidery differs from cross stitch and needlepoint in the variety of stitches and in the fact that it doesn’t stick to a grid – you can make wonderful flowing lines, and fill in solid areas with many textures and patterns.

Some of the Rowandean kits come with fabric to use as appliqué, and you may use your own fabric as appliqué in the African Folklore kits.